Bespoke commissions

"One of the favourite parts of my job is creating something uniquely special for each client. Knowing that I have designed and made it especially for them and there isn't another one like it makes my heart glow"

Zoë Leavy, Honey Bee Design

If you just can't find the right piece of jewellery then a bespoke commission could be just what  you're looking for. To commission a piece of jewellery can seem quite daunting at first but it's Zoë's job as a jewellery designer to put you at ease from first contact. 

Whether it's a gift for a special person, a unique engagement ring, a set of wedding rings or even remodelling old unworn jewellery and giving it a new life as a beautiful item of jewellery designed just for you, Zoë works closely with you through every step of the journey. 

Read our step by step guide to commissions below to help decide if it's for you!

For more information about remodelling your old jewellery click here

 Recycling / Remodelling your old jewellery

Remodelling is a great way to take unworn heirloom jewellery and turn it into something you can wear again. Whether it is something you have inherited that isn't your style or something that is broken and has been sat in your jewellery box for years, Zoë can work with you to design and create a brand new piece of jewellery that suit your style whilst still retaining the sentimentality of the original piece. 

In most cases Zoë can re-use gemstones and precious metals, combined with new stones and metal if necessary.  

Prices for remodelling work will be wholly dependent on the piece being re-designed and the complexity of the final design. Please get in touch to discuss your commission.


Please see the gallery below for examples of some of Zoë's recent bespoke work...