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Remodelling Service

Remodelling is a great way to take unworn heirloom or sentimental jewellery and turn it into something you can wear again. Whether it is something you have inherited that isn't your style or something that is broken and has been sat in your jewellery box for years, Zoë can work with you to design and create a brand new piece of jewellery that suit your style whilst still retaining the sentimentality of the original piece. 

In most cases Zoë can re-use gemstones and precious metals, combined with new stones and metal if necessary.  

Prices for remodelling start from £250 for a basic melt and remake using your old gold, like a wedding band for instance. Work involving gemstones and more complex techniques will be wholly dependent on the final design.


I am now fully booked for commissions and will not be taking any more enquiries or additions to my waiting list until Spring 2024. 


This re-design project was for two heirloom rings that my client had inherited from her Grandmother. She wanted the two sapphires set into earrings and the seven rubies set onto a single ring using the gold from both rings. 

We added some extra silver granules to add depth and contrast to create this bespoke organic ring. 

"The result was better than I’d ever imagined. It’s just stunning. I loved the progress pics I received throughout the process showing me its journey so I knew how it was transforming.  It certainly is a one-off unique piece that I now wear proudly all the time, it has a whole new life and gets compliments everywhere I go and most importantly I think my Grandma would love it, she would be so pleased it is now something beautiful worn every day." - JD

Untitled design.jpg

My client asked me to restore their heirloom engagement ring as it had become very worn and misshapen over the years. The setting had previously been replaced in white gold but she had never been truly happy with it. 

After taking the ring apart I added a small amount of new gold to the original gold and created a new band with a yellow gold setting. I also gave her wedding ring a clean and polish to match. My client was over the moon with the result!

"Just a note to let you know that I am so very pleased with the transformation of  my engagement ring. It looks just as perfect as it did 40 years ago.  It's simply beautiful.   

Thank you for your care, attention to detail and beautiful craftsmanship. The two rings together fit perfectly.I absolutely love it " - RN

Untitled design (1).jpg

My client wanted to combine the gold from three sentimental rings to create one special ring for her son's 18th Birthday. 

We went for a simple chunky band with a single twist detail. Inside the band was hand stamped with her son's initials and the date of his special birthday.


This project involved remodelling a collection of heirloom rings into a set of stacking rings using the gold, sapphires and diamonds from the original rings. 

We created four rings that can be worn all together but also work when worn individually. 


This client remodel was extra special as it involved remodelling her grandfather’s wedding ring which had previously been her fathers and was now to become her wedding ring - passed down through three generations it was now to be transformed to begin it’s new life. 

We firstly had to alloy the old gold which was 22 karat down to 18ct so it would match her engagement ring. My client chose a delicate wishbone shape in a to fit around her engagement ring.


This remodel project involved melting down a collection of heirloom jewellery that belonged to my clients late mother and turning it into a chunky textured gold ring.

The result was this gorgeous 2mm thick, 6mm wide band with a striped texture and something he could wear everyday to remind him of his mum. 


My client came to me with a collection of heirloom gold and a brief to create a pendant for her daughter’s 18th birthday. 

We decided to go for a simple gold nugget with the three tiny diamonds flush set on the front and personalised with her initial and her date of birth on the reverse. 


Using inherited gold and gorgeous diamond from another ring my client requested a wishbone ring in the style of my Crest of a Wave Gemstone ring from my By The Sea collection. 

The finished ring with its cluster of gorgeous gold granules and central diamond was a beautiful result and my client was delighted. 

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