With just a little bit of care and attention your jewellery can look great for years to come.


Keep necklets, cables and snake chains hung up or flat to avoid kinking. Ideally, jewellery should be stored in their original box.


Metals react with lots of different substances including chlorine, perfume, even the acidity of the wearers skin so please bear this in mind and remove jewellery before swimming, bathing etc and avoid spraying perfume/hairspray on areas where jewellery is to be worn.  We also recommend removing items before going to sleep.


A build up of dirt can be removed using warm water, washing-up liquid and a soft brush. Silver tarnish can be removed using a silver polish cloth.


Where areas of silver have been oxidised (blackened), these are not a permanent finish and after time and wear the oxidisation my wear off. Items can be re-oxidised so please contact us for advice. Do not use polish or a silver cloth on oxidised areas as this will remove the oxidation.


For jewellery containing copper, over time the colour of the copper may alter as it reacts with the air. If so desired, it can be brought back to a bright orange colour by the use of silver dip or a silver cloth.


Be careful when cleaning jewellery containing gemstones and pearls. Do not immerse these items in silver dip as it may damage the stones, instead use warm water and polish silver with a soft clean cloth.