Our story


All items you see have been lovingly designed and handmade by jewellery designer Zoë Leavy from her home studio in South Manchester. 


Zoë studied silversmithing at college in 2000 and has continued to hone her skills ever since, she now creates her jewellery designs using precious metals such as sterling or fine silver, yellow, red and white gold along with ethically sourced gemstones.

She takes inspiration for her designs from the natural world, using shapes and textures to creature organically inspired jewellery. Using techniques such as granulation and reticulation, the silver takes on an almost fluid texture which resembles the rough surface of rocks at the coast and bubbles under the sea. 

As a qualified scuba diver and lover of the ocean, Zoë has always been fascinated with the underwater world. The patterns made from diver's bubbles and the foam of a stormy sea have been the inspiration behind some of her granulation designs. 

Originally from a small village in Leicestershire and having spent four years living on a small island off the North Devon coast, Zoë now lives close to Stockport in South Manchester with her husband and three young children. 

Honey Bee Design was born from a passion for all things pretty and handmade. The Honey Bee brand originates simply from Zoë's middle name Melissa, which in Greek is the meaning for Honey Bee.