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5 Reasons to buy handmade Jewellery

Handmade Jewellery is Unique

Elizabeth Taylor famously said “Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique”, so at a time where we are all striving to be different, to stand out from the crowd and to move away from the identi-kit high street style, handmade jewellery is the perfect way to show off your personality. Because every piece is handmade, even a pair of earrings that look the same at first glance have their own slight differences, making each piece of handmade jewellery completely unique.

It is Kind to the Planet

Handmade jewellery is often made in small quantities or in our case only made to order, omitting any chance of waste. Any left over metal scraps can be melted down and reworked into reusable wire, sheet and granules, handmade jewellery really is the perfect example of Zero Waste!

You are Buying Quality, not Quantity

It may be more expensive to buy handmade than the £5 fast fashion accessories from the high street but you are buying a quality that is made to last. Each piece of handmade jewellery has the potential to become future heirlooms and passed down for generations to come. Every piece of Honey Bee jewellery is made from high quality precious metals that won’t turn your skin green or contain harmful chemicals like some cheap mass produced jewellery you can buy for a few pounds. Handmade may be more expensive but like my Mum always told me, “you buy cheap, you buy twice!”

You are Supporting a Small Business

Whenever you buy from any small business you are supporting a dream. You aren’t adding another zero to a billionaire CEO’s annual bonus, you’re helping a family to pay bills and put food on the table. Every sale really does make us do that happy dance!

It is Thoughtful and Personal

The one true beauty of buying handmade jewellery is that more often than not it can be made just for you. Whether it’s a special personalised piece to mark the birth of a child, swapping a gemstone for an alternative choice, a secret message on the inside of your wedding ring or a completely bespoke piece that you have been involved in from the very first pencil sketches. Handmade jewellery really is the most personal (and cherished) gift you can give.

Why not pop over to our online shop and see what handmade treasures we have to offer!

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