Five Best Sellers Everyone Should Have in their Jewellery Box.

If you watched the wonderful All That Glitters recently - the BBC talent show to find Britain’s next best jeweller, you will be fully aware of what defines a best seller in the jewellery world. If you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about then let me explain!

In the same way you would have a capsule wardrobe that contains a few key pieces to make up your outfits, the same principle can be achieved when it comes to jewellery by just having a few key ‘best selling’ pieces that compliment your whole wardrobe.

Read on to see what five must have pieces of jewellery I think you need in your collection!

Stud Earrings

Subtle with a touch of glamour, the humble stud earring goes with everything and can be and can be worn for any occasion - work, play, gym or even sleep.

From cute hand stamped everyday studs to the more elaborate granulation of our Seafoam earrings, we have you covered on the stud front!

Hoop Earrings