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Top Tips for Finding Your Ring Size

When you buy handmade jewellery the advantage is that it can be made to fit you perfectly but for rings that can sometimes prove tricky if you don't know what size your fingers are. If you're a ring magpie like me then maybe you already know your ring size or maybe you have a favourite ring that you can measure to find out. Or maybe you just haven't got a clue and need someone to just tell you.

Our handy guide and top tips are here to help make shopping for rings a whole lot easier!

If you fancy a bit of DIY detective work, one good way is to take a small strip of paper or string and wrap it around your finger. Mark a line where the end meets and then measure along the strip to the mark and find the size closest in mm from the chart below. This will give you your UK ring size. Check out our ring sizing guide for extra help.

Alternatively if you prefer to do things the simple way, you can now purchase a handy ring sizing tool from our online shop! For just £1 we will send it out to you with free delivery, you measure your finger using the instructions provided then pop back to our shop and order the ring you want in your perfect size!

Don't forget to enter the code from the packet as this will discount the cost of the ring sizing tool from your order - Simple!

Purchase your Ring Multisizer here and select FREEPOST from the options at checkout!


Ring Sizing Top Tips

  • Measure your finger at different times of the day – finger size can change slightly depending on temperature so if your hands are cold your fingers will be smaller.

  • Your ring should fit your finger well enough to be secure and not fall off. You should be able to slide it over your knuckles with a small amount of resistance but not too much that it hurts!!

  • Large Knuckles? If, like me you have large knuckles and skinny fingers or suffer from arthritis it can be particularly difficult to find rings to fit. Measuring your knuckle along with your finger and settling on a size in between the two will help, just make sure you can slide the sizer over your knuckle without too much difficulty.

  • Because everyone is different, you may find you are inbetween size. The beauty of handmade is it is made just for YOU so this is not a problem. Just choose the size closest to what you need and confirm in the comments the size you would like (eg, if you are between an L & M, just tell me you would like a size L ½ )


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